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Our upcoming move to Zambia to teach at Central Africa Baptist College felt more real over the last few days. I spent Friday morning with the school’s Vice President of Administrative affairs, who was in D.C. for conference on the church at Capitol Hill Baptist church. I was encouraged by his servant’s heart and his vision to expand CABC’s ministry throughout Africa. I’m looking forward to serving with a godly and passionate team.

This past Sunday I preached and explained our future ministry at First Baptist Church of Perryville, a church I served as an associate pastor over ten years ago. What a joy it was to see some old friends and make some new ones.

I’m enjoying this season of support raising more than I anticipated. I’m beginning to see that it isn’t something we are doing before we join the ministry in Zambia, but it is very much part of the ministry. Our desire is to see the local African pastors and leaders equipped and raised up to minister in Africa. This is not something that I can—nor want—to do alone. The process of raising support has already put me in contact with people who I think could make a valuable contribution to the ministry, not just in the support they are able give to us, but through their own contribution to the work.

I’m also increasingly convinced that my main job is not to seek out financial support. Obviously we need that in order to go. But my prayer is that God would connect us with a large time of people who care about theological education and the strengthening of the church throughout the world. These connections will be useful in a multiple of ways, one of which will be to raise up the support that we need. We don’t want anyone to feel bad if they are excited about the ministry and want to pray for us, but they aren’t in a position where they can help financially.

Where are we with support raising? We have raised about 20% of our monthly giving terms of dollar amounts that have been pledged. We are encouraged by this.

However, we are only at about 3% of the total we need in one-time expenses, including tickets to Zambia, set-up costs, and money toward the price of a vehicle. We have a lot more work to do here. We don’t leave until January. I’m praying that God might raise up some individuals who will begin monthly support soon. The months between now and our departure date will allow for the money to accumulate.

How you can help:

  • Pray:
    • pray for the vice-president of Central Africa Baptist College at the intensive seminar this week.
    • Pray that God would connect us with who have a similar heart for education in Africa.
    • Pray for consistent monthly supports to begin soon and/or one-time gifts.
  • Consider:
    • Are you able to help with regular giving? Would you consider beginning monthly support now so that by the time we are ready to leave we’l have enough to cover one-time expenses. You can read more about how you can help on our website or our church’s donation page.
    • Do you know of any churches or individuals who would want to partner with us? If so, please make a connection. I’m also happy to come and speak to a group at a church or a missions committee.

Blessings in Christ…

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