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December Update


I want to bring your attention to a potential glitch in the mechanism for giving. If you’ve successfully donated funds, they are there. Don’t worry. However, we’ve had a couple of instances where someone attempted to sign up for monthly giving, but for various reasons their attempt was unsuccessful; the person thought they donated but in fact did not. If you give a one-time gift or if you sign up for monthly giving, you will receive a receipt. If you thought you signed up but didn’t give a receipt, check your statement to see if any funds have transferred. If not, you can go back to the website and try again.

Okay, back to the regularly scheduled update.
Why we are going to Zambia? 

  • Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the fastest growing population centers in the world.
  • Christianity is rapidly expanding in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • African pastors generally have little access to theological education.
  • African Christians face a barrage of challenges from false teachings like the prosperity gospel, Islam, and Animism.
  • Zambia in particular has some strong churches that want more training so they can bring the gospel to the unreached peoples throughout Africa.

We are going to Zambia because we believe the Church is one body, and a part of the body that has a need we can meet.

Where are we with support? 

We are almost at 100% of our support needed, but not quite. In terms of our one-time expenses, our projected total for what we will have before we leave is just enough for our projected expenses.

We still have about 20% of our monthly support left to raise. I suspect this number will come down in January when some folks who have waited until we depart to begin their monthly contributions. Still, we are in need of some more monthly supporters.

If you share the burden for theological education in Africa and you think this is a useful ministry, please consider making a regular contribution of any amount. (You are also welcome to make a one-time gift which will offset the total we need for this coming year).

If you know of an individual or church that might want to support the ministry, please help connect us with them.

All support is given through our sending organization, which is our home church: Imprint Community. You can access the portal for donations here.

What’s new? 

A lot has happened since our last update. We have secured a home to rent. I reported a slight contingency concerning our home in the last update, but all of that is taken care of. We will have access to it soon, which is good because…

…we’ve purchased a household of furniture, appliances, kitchen wares, and bedding. An expat family of about our size was moving out of Zambia, and they were selling all their items one-by-one on facebook at all-will-go-today-because-it-is-so-cheap prices. I called him up via Skype and asked what deal he would give me if I bought everything. A future co-worker of mine at the school laid eyes on the furniture and confirmed that it was a good deal. So, we bought everything, even though we don’t know know what it all looks like. We’ll have the fun of showing up to our house, which will be fully furnished, and discovering what we’ve actually purchased.

What’s Next? 

Over the next few weeks, will will finish packing, selling, and giving away everything in our house. December 28th we will move out of our home and stay with friends. January 6th we will drive down to Dulles and spend the night down there. Our flight leaves January 7th, and we will arrive in Zambia on January 8th.

We are certainly feeling some sadness as we prepare to leave our family, friends, church, and the place we call home. But, we are also excited about where we are going.

How can you pray? 

  • Pray for physical and emotional stamina as we push hard over the next five weeks.
  • Pray for God’s sustaining grace and that we would know what it means for “the Joy of the Lord [to be] our strength.”
  • Pray that the details of our house in Maryland would come together and we would find a renter at the appropriate time.
  • Pray that God would continue to work out the details and logistics.
  • Pray for the Central Africa Baptist College as they host their annual Leadership Conference this week.

My last scheduled preaching/teaching event in America 

I’ve enjoyed meeting people and serving churches as we’ve traveled around preaching and sometimes sharing about our plans for ministry in Zambia. However, that season is drawing to a close. I have one more scheduled teaching event on Sunday evening, December 15th at North Harford Baptist Church. Pastor Matt Fortuanto and I are doing a mini-conference on the theme of seeing Christ. For My part, I’ll talk about the Beatific Vision, a theme I couldn’t be more excited about. See the video below for more information. If you are free that night, we’d love to see you there.

To see a video about the conference, go here.

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