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Day 9: Anna

Hi everyone. I want to tell you about all the nature that is in our yard.

We have two avocado trees. Unfortunately it is not avocado season any more. But when it was, we froze some avocados so we could make avocado smoothies and stuff. You see a lot of avocado tree out of our yard too. We also have an orange tree. There about 200 oranges or so on the tree now, but they are all green, so they’re not ripe yet. We have a couple palm trees as well, but I haven’t seen any palm trees that haven’t been planted there on purpose. I only see them in gardens. Other than that, we have a couple different kinds of flowers, including roses. We have red, pink, and white roses. Mom is growing mint, and Sara is growing cucumbers. We also have a lot if different kinds of bushes. Some of them have thorns. Some have leaves that are shaped like an octagon. Every one is unique. We have a beautiful tree in the frond yard, it’s like a ginormous canopy, a classic African tree. And underneath it we have several more palm trees. We also have a papaya tree. We only figured out it was a papaya tree because we found a big fruity thing laying in the grass, and we looked it up to see if it was eatable. We also have a mango tree. There are two types of mango trees that I am aware of, one of them is a red mango and I forgot the name of the other. Red mangos are usually bigger and juicer. Unfortunately we don’t have a red mango tree. We have one kind of vine that has little pink flowers. And I can’t forget the passion fruit tree, but we have not managed to pick any passion fruit yet.

By the way, to those who were wondering, Sara and I forgot to tell the gardener about the backyard compass, and it got kind of rearranged.

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  1. Hey! Wow you have a lot of different plants and trees in your yard! I love all the pictures of the trees and plants. Thanks for sharing!! Stay safe and healthy!!! ❤ Your Friend, Hannah

  2. Wow! Avocado and mango trees, in particular, sound delicious! Thank you for sharing the pictures, Anna. It is so fun to see plant life from a different continent.

  3. Wow, Anna, you have learned a lot about the plants in Zambia in a few months. You know more in about your back yard after 4 months than I do about my back yard after 28 YEARS!
    Thanks for calling me back yesterday; I love to read what you write and I love to hear your voice!!

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