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Day 8: Lydia

This is Lydia, and I have puppies. The puppies are beowulf and Akila. We went to Lusaka. It was fun. That is where we found the puppies. We got the 2 puppies but there was 4 puppies in the car on the way home to our house. There were four puppies in the car because my dad took them because they had to go somewhere close to our house. But when my dad said to the person that we would take the puppies in the car, my dad totally forgot that my mom was allergic to puppies. But eventually we got home. And when got home, we tried to put the puppies in the bathrooms. But they just yelped and yelped. So we put them in my brother’s room.
Composed By Lydia
Transcription by Mike
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  1. Puppies are so cute, Lydia! Oops. Your dad forgot someone was allergic.

    Hope it works out well!

  2. Lydia, I really liked your blog! You told about the puppies really well. I did not know about the puppy allergy problem. I thought your mom is allergic to cats. I also really like reading Frog and Toad. I am trying to get the book. I was a little confused because it looks like there are two versions of Frog and Toad. One has longer stories. I love you!

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