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Day 7: Sara Joy

Our family has not been bored. We have been having adventures even inside the four walls around our property. Oh yes the walls. We (the kids) do not like them. It really makes it feel like we are the only ones alive sometimes. On top of the wall is an electric fence, which is important for my story today. But I will not get ahead of myself. It all started when we were talking about the guest house, which is a room connected to the main house, but you had to go outside to get to it. Currently, it was filled with junk. We realized that if we cleaned it out there would be enough room for the 3 oldest children to have their own rooms and the 2 youngest  to get there own beds, which we were all very enthusiastic about, so we immediately put ourselves to work. First, all the stuff in the room needed to be dealt with, including a large metal pole. I showed it to dad, and he told me to put it in our carport. I took it out and leaned it up against the wall. Well, it made contact with the fence, and it turns out that metal is a conductor, and all the sudden I felt a jolt. Afterwards I was a little jittery, but was fine in 20 minutes. Well, the next week we all slept in our new arrangements. And I had an experience. And a story to tell. 

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  1. A story to tell indeed! Won’t it be fun in twenty years to reminisce and say, “Do you remember the time I got electrocuted in Zambia?”

    I am so glad to hear that you are doing well, though, Sara Joy.

  2. Wow, Sara. That is crazy!! You’ll never let that happen again.

    I understand about the walls of the compound. It’s the same in all the places we lived in West Africa, two weeks at a time, over the last fifteen years. I think in time you may not only get used to them, but find them a helpful comfort. We’ll see if that happens!

  3. Whoa, so your room project was also a science experiment and a first aid lesson. That should cover a couple days of school work!

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