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Day 3: Sara Joy

Hello, this is Sara Joy writing. Our family has been half-quarantined, at least the kids. For the most part, we just stay home, entertain each other, play games, do school, read books, and pet puppies. 

We  sing songs and watch our pastor’s Youtube video for the week every Sunday. As for when we do get outside the wall around our house, its a walk down to the small shops on the side of the rode to get bread or potatoes. But sometimes we will go on a drive together. Once we went all the way to a game park. It was 2 hours away, which was  a lot of fun. On the way there dad almost lost his drivers license. We were at a police check point. The guy who took it went to help another guy, and then drove away.  we stayed in the car for at least a half hour waiting for them to find the guy. Also when ever you crossed a province border, they point a little machine at you to fine out your temperature. When we finally got to the Game Park, we saw  a giraffe across the road, which was more like a wide (most of the time) path. We saw large herds animals. On our drive we got stuck once or twice and had to get out of the van and push it out of a ditch. After a little while we stoped at a building and a worker there told us where to go to find the ‘’snake house.” We started to walk over, and on our way we saw a crocodile. It was contained. When we arrived there, we saw a lot of glass boxes which contained snakes. A  guide let us hold snakes, an egg eater, a python, and, with help, an adult python. It was heavy! Then walking back there were monkeys everywhere. If you looked up they were swinging on the trees. If you looked down they were eating fruit in the grass. After that, we got back in the car and headed home. It was pretty late when we got back. We had macaroni and cheese for dinner. Our puppies were very happy to see us.

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  1. Thanks for the updates. I was glad to hear more about the game park. It sounds like getting there was as much adventure as seeing the wild life! I am also glad the crocodile was contained. It sounds a little safer that way. Your quarantine is a lot like ours. We are doing our same things most of the time, attending church on line and not knowing when things will change again. I am not sure the change will happen any time soon! We are having fun staying home a lot more that ever before, but It will be fun to get out a little bit more!


  2. Your trip to the Game Park sounds very exciting, Sarah Joy! Also, Lucas will be jealous when he hears that you have not one but two puppies:).

  3. Sara Joy, you only leave the house for potatoes? You get that from your mom’s side of the family. Thank goodness that crocodile was contained! I love macaroni and cheese.

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