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Day 28: Matthew

If you are a part of a family as big as mine, then something that is often on your mind in grocery shopping. We have a few different places that we get our food from, few of which are the exact same as in the states. It was challenging at first getting our bearings when it comes to shopping. We were at one store or another at least once every day. Now for food we mostly go to the Zambian versions of Shoprite (It’s actually called Shoprite). It has a lot of the same things as an American one, just different brands. Many of the brands are from South Africa. The fruit and meat, I think, are grown locally. Things that you would have to get from farther than South Africa are hard to find. Those are things like blueberries, strawberries, our favorite type of orange juice, and certain forms of chocolate. On the up side Coke only cost thirty cents or so.

We went to the store so often in our early days in part because we had not yet discovered the brilliance of the ntembas.  Ntembas are little shops along the road. There are some that stick out of people’s wall and are an actual room that you can walk into. These usually have Coke, bread, various body washes, cookies, and potatoes, to name a few. There are four of these within a half mile radius of our house. We use them often when we run out of things or things go bad without us realizing. Or at the end of a very long day when there are no Cokes in the house for Mom or Dad.  On busier roads the ntembas will be built of sticks and a little smaller. These often only have vegetables grown close by.

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