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Day 27: Anna

One of the things in Zambia are its ntembas. An ntemba is the Bemba word for stall. It’s basically a small shop that is on the side of the rode, backing up to someone’s wall. Sometimes, like in our case, the ntemba even goes through the wall onto the persons property. Of corse for security reasons the opining in the wall has its own gate. 

The nice thing about ntembas is that they have a very wide supply of things and are a short walking distance away. The things you can buy vary from clay pots to tooth paste to egg to cold cokes that are kept in a cooler. We can go there if we are out of fresh vegetables or nshima. Or if we are in the middle of making dinner and we realize that we are out of potatoes. (Once I was sent to the ntemba to get potatoes but there was a slight misunderstanding and I got tomatoes instead) The walk to the ntemba is pretty short. Five minutes there and five minutes back. We live in the city, so whenever a truck goes by we have a lovely cloud of exhaust to walk though. Sometimes for lunch someone will walk down to get a loaf of bread. 

It’s one of Sammys favorite things to walk to the ntemba with an older sibling.

There are several different people that work there, (I assume all of which are from the same family) all of which are Zambian.

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