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Day 26: Lydia

This is Lydia. We have an orange tree. Me and my sister Sara made orange juice out of it. I started by getting the ones that fell sooner, when they were ripe. I only used four of them because I couldn’t get the ones on the tree because they were not ripe.  They were all green.

Today I went outside the walls to the store with Mom. That was fun. We went to 2 stores. 1 was the book shop. The other store was the grocery store. There was a whole lot of people wearing masks. I wore one too. It was annoying. 
I also like to sew. I got a sewing kit from the store. It has everything I need to sew except for fabric.
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  1. Cool! I never made orange juice from oranges. Sounds fun, but you must need a lot of oranges to fill 7 cups for everyone in your family. I wasn’t crazy about the masks either. We were told that you are protecting others in case you had germs, so I guess it is a good idea. Send a picture of what you sew!

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