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Day 25: Sara Joy

        On the weekends we like to relax. On Saturdays the kids have a tradition of eating chocolate cereal for breakfast. And afterwards we sometimes watch a show. Then we like to we do projects. Yesterday Lydia and I made orange juice. That was a lot of fun. We used the oranges from our backyard. We have 2 orange trees. Only one of the trees has oranges that are ripe. The ones that are ripe are smaller, like mandarins. All the big ones on the other tree are green, but once they turn orange then we will have a whole lot of fresh juicy oranges! To make it, first I used the juicer, but it did not work very well so I switched to using dads coffee shifter which worked a whole lot better. At the end of that we ended up 1 1\2 cups of strong and a little sour juice. Today for we had orange juice for breakfast, but to stretch it we added water and sugar like lemonade. It tasted pretty good. On Sunday we would usually have church but of course the coronavirus has changed that. So now we listen our pastor’s YouTube video for the week and then sing songs together while Anna plays guitar. Before the coronavirus we went to a church called Faith Baptist of Riverside (Riverside is where we live). We had made friends at the church, but unfortunately have not seen them for a long time. Sunday school started at 9am and we get home at 1pm. When we got home we made a large lunch and then went off and did our own things. For most of us it is reading. Then we go to church again for the evening service. For a while we had a tradition of going to Hungry Lion for ice-cream (Hungry Lion is a lot like McDonalds). Or we stop by the bakery at the mall to get a loaf of bread to eat for dinner. And then go to bed. 

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  1. Your weekends sound fun in quarantine and out of quarantine. It is fun to have traditions to look forward to. It is good you are adaptable enough to switch traditions when a virus pops up!

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