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Day 22: Anna

One of my hobbies is painting. Last week, for nature study, I decided to paint a bush. So I wandered around the yard looking for something interesting. The plant in the front was amazing! At first it did not look like much, but the leaves hiding under other leaves were like nothing I have ever seen before.

Some of them are a pretty green, and several different shads. But a few caught my eye. They had bright red colorful veins. The rest of the leaf was green so the veins really stuck out. When I looked more, I found that some were even hot pink around the edges! But that wasn’t all. The brightest of them were a light green nearer to the top, going down into a darker green, and then into a lovely dark, so much so that it was closer to black and red, with bright yellow, orang, and pink veins. And the edges of the leaf were more bright yellow or orang or red. The leaf I painted was very brightly colored.

The leaves were like nothing I had seen before, (or at least the bottom ones) but the bush was very ordinary. I didn’t even give it a second glance, and I walk past it several times. All before now.



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  1. Pretty neat that you realized something you thought was ordinary actually proved to be extraordinary. I think that is the case with all God’s creation. Is the picture of the single leaf a painting or the actual leaf? It is very pretty, I could not quite tell.

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