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Day 21: Lydia

This is Lydia .

I am reading a book. Actually, I finished it. [Mike read it to her.]

The book is called The Hobbit.

The hobbit’s name was Baggins.

Baggins lived in a hole.

Once some dwarves came to Baggins’ hole that they could help Baggins go to the dragon, Smog, that stole the treasures and gold. They walked for a long while, ‘till they got to the trolls. But they got out of the trolls with Gandalf’s help.  Then they walked some more and got to the forest.  The forest was long. They got lost, but they finally got their way.  They finally came to the cave that the dragon lay. Bilbo went, because he had the ring that turned him invisible. Then they went back and they—I don’t really want it to be a spoiler.  And now Daddy is reading Lord of the Rings.

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  1. Hey Lydia,
    The book you read with your dad sounds exciting! I am glad you get to do that with your dad. You did a great job describing the events in the story.

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