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Day 20: Sara Joy

Recently, as in yesterday, I started learning Hebrew. Dad is teaching me. It is extremely difficult because all the letters look very similar. The little details are hard to see, but they make big differences. I looked at dads Hebrew Old Testament, and I thought that it had a lot of the same letters. Well, today I learned that many of them were actually different.  Other than Hebrew, I love reading books, and I will tell you about two of them. The first is the ‘Wing Feather series.’ They are written by Andrew Peterson. They are about 3 siblings who go on adventures together, including facing monsters and trolls. I would certainly recommend it. The second is ‘the Green Ember.’ It is about bunny rabbits who save the world together. The main characters are a rabbit named Heather and her little brother Picket. I would recommend that one too. If you were to come to our house it would not be hard to find anyone. Matthew would be in his room, and if you were to ask him what he was doing, he would say, “thinking.” Anna would be either at the desk doing math, or in her room playing guitar, or in the treehouse. Sammy and Lydia would be together playing in their room or in the front yard. Recently they have been playing “puppies.” I would be either in my room reading or out side training the real puppies. If I were not doing that, we would all in the treehouse together. But before we do that, we do school. Matthew is in 8th grade. Anna is in 8th grade as well. Lydia is in 1st grade.  Sammy is in preschool. And I am in 6th grade. 

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  1. So, Hebrew sounds pretty difficult. Isn’t t amazing that the written language from anywhere can be so complex. Who thought of this stuff. Look at the English. Why would the same letter make two different sounds. Like the c in city sounds different than the c in car. An the g in gift sounds different than the g in giraffe. And then there are upper and lower case letters!!!

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