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Day 18: Anna

One of the things we like to do once we have done our school and chores is go into the tree house. The pool pump is surrounded by three wall and has a piece of roof over it. Next to the pool pump roof there is a ginormous tree. And the wall around the pump is only about four feet high, and it’s pretty easy to climb. Our tree house is on the roof over the pool pump, and we have access to the tree from the roof. So the tree house is not actually in the tree, but on the roof.

Recently we have been making ways to get up and down from the roof, other than climbing the wall. We have a rope with knots in it. One end is tied to a tree branch and the other goes down to the ground, so we can hold onto the rope and walk up the wall. 

We also have a swing. This was made by tying a rope to a branch that was a little ways out from above the roof, then making a loop in the rope, and putting a board in the loop, so we can sit on the board as our feet hold on to the roof, and when we let go, we swing up into the branches. The swing is probably my favorite part, but we will be adding some more contraptions shortly. If all goes to plan, we will hopeful have another rope with knots in it on the other side of the roof so that we can walk up that side too, and something similar to the swing, but instead we will hold on with our hands, no board, and jump off the roof and go all the way to the ground.



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  1. You guys are real engineers and architects. Your blog is so descriptive, I think I can picture it exactly. The pictures are perfect!! I do wonder who decides which person tests out the construction. Who test the swing first and the rope ladder?

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