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Day 17: Lydia

This is Lydia. I would like to tell you some of the things I do for school. Me and my sisters like to do something called “Sara time.” One of my sisters is named Sara. She gets together with me and Sammy, who is four. And Sara is 11. When we do Sara time, we do snack and crafts. Some of the crafts we do is making hats or drawing pictures. We also play games at Sara time. We do some easy games for Sammy because she needs to learn her colors and letters. We also play games like tag where someone is the butterfly and someone is the caterpillar. I also do school with my mom. We do Math, and I read to her for some practice, and she reads to me. I also read with my grandma on the phone. That’s fun too. 

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  1. Hi Lydia, thanks for describing Sara time so well.. I can really understand how fun it is for you and Sammy. I think you guys are amazing friends and amazing sisters. I am so glad God blessed you with your sisters and your brother!!

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