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Day 16: Sara Joy

Good morning or whatever time it is when you read this today. It is my turn, and I have decided  to share about our puppies. In the last month they have killed four rats total. The first one was in the front yard. Akela did it. I did not see her do it, but one of my family members did (she is a female but I think Lydia already told you that). The second one was both dogs. Matthew saw the rat running around it the backyard, and then the dogs saw it too. If you have any great appreciation for rodents, I would not suggest reading the following. The 2 dogs played tug war with it until it died. Then Matthew was able to confiscate it and buried it, so that they did not chew on it. Then I came out and saw them chewing on a rat. I though it was the same one, but it was smaller. No one actually saw them kill it. But we thought them killing it was the most plausible option. They are serious hunters.  

We have also been trying to train them to stay, come, not to fight, and to do their business outside. When we tell Akela to come she runs off and chases a bug, so we still have a lot of work to do us. Beowulf dose a little bit better job. He likes the treats better than Akela. They do a really good job on the other things though. As far protecting us, Beowulf is terrified and tries desperately to run away whenever a guest comes to our house. Akela is about ready to attack. She would have, if we had not held her back. The second time they thought that someone was intruding Beowulf barked and slowly started backing away. Akela would bark as long as she was behind Beowulf. That should change once they get older. Their behaviors are very different from each other. Akela loves to chase bugs (or anything she sees), play tug war, and chew of course. Beowulf is a lap dog. I am not sure how that will work out when he is big. They get very big. He also loves his food a lot. Recently they have been sleeping in our rooms, Akela in mine and Beowulf in Anna’s. Some nights they sleep on our beds, but their favorite arrangement is to sleep on the floor in the corner with their bones. They are a lot of fun:)    


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  1. Wow, Sara! You have a fun and interesting style of writing. You describe your dogs and what they do perfectly. I can actually see the tug of war using a rat! I don’t think I would actually recommend the game to others people or dogs.

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