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Day 15: Matthew

We have talked a lot about what it has been like here and some of the way that we have adapted to the newness of it. But I would like to tell you how we got here. There are two parts of the process of leaving the place that we were staying in Harford county and finally settling in at the second number 3 on Zambezi road. (There are two gated marked 3 on our road by the way.)

First, we left  left the people that had been letting us live with them at about Eleven o’clock. That was an hour and a half past when we were planing. Then we went to our house in Baltimore to pick up all of our stuff. There we met up with a family that had been doing so much in the way of helping get us to Zambia. Together we all drove down to near Dulles airport. We stayed in at a hotel close to the airport. The plane was leaving the next day at ten AM so we wanted to be close. Then we watched Frozen II in a movie theater with our friends, and then we got all the rest we could for the next day.

I woke up at about four am the next day for the second part of our journey. I was more nervous then than I had been for a long time. I had no idea what to expect in Zambia, so I couldn’t be scared of that. But I hadn’t been to an Airport since I was four. So, looking at all of the stuff that we had to get through the airport, and hearing all of the preparation plans, I knew a lot had to happen. Our parents had also given us some clue of what to expect. Mom, Dad, and even Anna had gone through an airport before but I had not (that I could remember). So I knew what some of the challenges would be. But I had very little idea on how we were going to get through it. Luckily, most of my worries were for nought. We went through the whole process rather smoothly. Once people knew what we were doing they helped us through. I rather enjoyed the flight over, and would have enjoyed it more if the person in front of me did not lean their seat all of the way back. I caught up to date on movies on the airplane. It was just in time to leave America too. I did skip a heart beat in the Ethiopian airport. A Family had kind of pushed their way in between me and the rest of my family. They didn’t speak English, so I did not say anything. But when we got to the plane there was one last check for tickets. Dad had all of them. But I was separated from him. I tried to explain to the woman who spoke ok English what had happened. They let me on. 

From Ethiopia to Zambia I slept the whole way. When I awoke I was in a whole other country and I did not know what would happen next. We had imagined what the plane would be like. But I had no idea what the next week or month or year would be like when I stepped outside of the plane.

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  1. That sounds like a frightening separation, Matthew. You handled it very well, but it definitely would have made my heart skip beats, too.

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