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Day 14: Anna

Hi everyone,

One danger in Zambia is snakes. Snakes usually live in tall grass. And we have a field of tall grass across the road in front of our house. Luckily we don’t have to worry to much about snakes coming into our yard because it would be very unusual for a snake to climb over our 8 foot wall, over glass at the top, and not getting shocked by the electric fence, as Sara was (that’s another blog).

Anyway, one day I was about to go outside for some reason that I forgot (but that’s not important). Well, I looked outside and saw over the wall an orange light and a bunch of smoke. So I called daddy over to see what was burning outside. We knew that we did not have to worry about fire coming over into our yard because it would have to somehow get across the road and over the wall. We have a water tower in our front yard that’s next to the wall. In order to see what was burning, I  climbed the water tower, and I was very relived with what I saw. The burning was controlled.

A couple weeks ago we had seen a bunch of people slashing the grass in the field. Here instead of lawnmowers, they have a piece of metal that is about three feet long, attached to another smaller six inch piece of metal that is sharp. Then they swing it back and forth cutting the grass very slowly. After they cut the grass there was a bunch of long pieces of dead grass lying in a pile, which is still a good place for snakes to hide. That’s why we saw a lot of smoke coming up from the field across the street. They burned it all. 

By the way,  this all happened at like seven pm or something like that. So my picture was taken in the dark.

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  1. Anna,
    So the adventure lives on! I am so glad that snakes can’t climb walls. I love how you write and how you draw me into the content of your blog with simple words. You are all very creative. Can you post some of the artwork you have done?
    Love Ya Girl
    Pop Pop

  2. I don’t know if you remember this, Anna, but one of our earlier days with Feast walking back from the peninsula, when Lucas was not yet 6 years old, he tried to pick up a black snake by the tail as it crossed his path. I’m sure it was a harmless black snake, but it scared me nonetheless. What kind of snakes are there in your region?

  3. Wow, boy am I glad the snakes can’t climb walls. Thank you for sharing that story!! I am glad everything and everybody is ok! Looking forward to your next post!! Stay safe and healthy!!

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