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Day 12: Sara Joy

Hello this is Sara Joy writing, and I would like to share about the bugs here. They are not a joke. The most popular ones are the malaria mosquitos. They have the biggest impact in our life. We cannot eat at our big picnic table that we actually all fit at every night, because the mosquitos come out at night. They come out around 6:30pm, and go away around 5am. It is pretty annoying. We sleep under nets that are like canopies and we need to put on bug spray for going out side at night.  There are also large beetles that come out at 8pm for the most part. There are spiders on our walls. They can get kind of big, but they are not that bad. We keep them because they eat mosquitos. But during the day they just stay in one spot. There are little black spiders that we see sometimes. They are not a big deal. Ants are all over our floors. Sometimes alive but usually dead. They just come in by the hundreds and then die. We cannot figure out why. The lizards on our walls are not bugs, but they should be included. The babies are cute. They move around at night but do not bother us. Outside there are a bunch more lizards, flies, more beetle, lots of different kinds of spiders, and there are grasshoppers infesting the whole property, but they do not come inside. When we first came we loved to try to catch them, but we scared them away and they are all in hiding. Unfortunately  I cannot give very many names of the bugs, because we have not identified very many. There is no real way to keep them out. Our house is not air tight. One of our dogs loves killing them. She runs around in circles trying to eat grasshoppers. Of course their are butterflies and caterpillars all over the place but nothing else particularly different. 

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  1. Hi Sara
    Very cool to hear about all the bugs. I think the ants might be faking it just to get in the house. If you decide to do an educational piece like this on
    S_ _ _ _s please don’t go into details
    Love ya girl

  2. Thanks Sara for filling us in. Good thing none of you have entomophobia – fear of insects!! We have a bunch of bugs, too! Ours are the regular, ones; annoying, but not dangerous! Sorry your compass got moved. Did it work before it got moved?

  3. One more thing; the first blog you made, day 2 or 3, I made a “comment“. Next to the comment it say it is waiting for something; written in red. I think it might be a little too long. I just wanted you to know that I read it and I liked it and I commented!

  4. What a nature study adventure you are having, Sara Joy! I’d personally prefer one with lots of birds rather than insects, though:). The mosquitoes sound terrible.

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