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Day 11: Matthew

Due to the coronavirus, many of our blogs so far, and many in the future, promise to take place inside our wall. Seeing as such I thought it best to tell you about our property itself. As Sara has mentioned our house is surrounded by an eight foot high concrete wall. It marks out our property and keeps intruders out. Many of the houses around here have walls. Our property makes the shape of a rectangle. In the very back we have a small field and near to the wall in this field there are trees. We have an Avocado tree, a mango tree, an orange tree, and several palm trees. On the left side of the field are the dog kennels. Their condition is a little sad and we haven’t used them much. Then if you go form the field to our house you first go through the fenced in pool area, and then a court yard. In the front yard we have a somewhat curvy driveway. We also have a small water tower. The house sort of makes the shape of a horseshoe. In the top right is my room. I have to go through the court yard to get to the main house. Then right beside my room comes Dads office, then the kitchen, then the dining room. In the bottom right is Sara’s room. Across the bottom is the living room. On the bottom left is Anna’s room. Then going up comes Lydia and Sammy’s room, And at the left top is the master bedroom.

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  1. Hey Matthew, I think I will need a map to find my way around your house and property. In our house I can stand in between the kitchen she living room and see everywhere! At least I can’t get lost!

  2. Thank you for the detailed description of where you live, Matthew. It is helpful in visualizing your life and the stories you are sharing with us on this blog.

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