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Day 10: Matthew, Anna, Sara Joy, Lydia, and Sammy

Dear Mom,

We all wanted to take a moment to talk about why we appreciate you. Sammy likes how you take care of her and how you like to give her what she needs. Lydia likes how you are willing to give her cuddles so often and that you tell her that you love her when you are not cuddling. Sara likes how you can understand her emotions and communicate with her. Anna likes how you take her seriously and help her understand the things that she doesn’t know. Matthew likes how you can critique him and see what he needs help with, and know how to help him with it.

We Love you Mommy.


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  1. You guys have an amazing mom. There are a lot of things to love about her. She is kind and caring and sweet and she takes good care of the people I love. Also, she makes it so easy to love her just because of who she is!

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