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Day 5: Anna

Hello everyone, Today I started my exams for finishing 7th grade. Other than that, I sowed, read a book, and Sara and I started to make a compass in the  backyard. One of the things that I do often in my routine…

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Day 4: Lydia

My name is Lydia and I have puppies. They are  German  Shepherds.  We got the puppies in   Lusaka. The puppies are vary  playful after getting out of their crates. When we saw the puppies they were very cute. They…

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Day 3: Sara Joy

Hello, this is Sara Joy writing. Our family has been half-quarantined, at least the kids. For the most part, we just stay home, entertain each other, play games, do school, read books, and pet puppies.  We  sing songs and watch…

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Day 1: Anna

It was Sara's birthday today, she is turning 11, we just stayed at home. Matthew is going to move into the guest house and Sara is going to move into Matthew’s old room, then I will have my own room,…

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December Update

Housekeeping I want to bring your attention to a potential glitch in the mechanism for giving. If you’ve successfully donated funds, they are there. Don’t worry. However, we’ve had a couple of instances where someone attempted to sign up for…

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November Update

A lot has happened since the last update. But first, why are we packing up everything and moving to Zambia? What is the church in Zambia up against?  I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on a facebook page devoted to…

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