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Day 27: Anna

One of the things in Zambia are its ntembas. An ntemba is the Bemba word for stall. It's basically a small shop that is on the side of the rode, backing up to someone’s wall. Sometimes, like in our case,…

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Day 25: Sara Joy

        On the weekends we like to relax. On Saturdays the kids have a tradition of eating chocolate cereal for breakfast. And afterwards we sometimes watch a show. Then we like to we do projects. Yesterday Lydia…

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Day 23: Matthew

The school that Dad teaches at has one missions, to prepare people for ministry and great commission living specifically in the continent of Africa. One of the ways that they do this is offering a sign language class for faculty…

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Day 22: Anna

One of my hobbies is painting. Last week, for nature study, I decided to paint a bush. So I wandered around the yard looking for something interesting. The plant in the front was amazing! At first it did not look…

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Day 21: Lydia

This is Lydia . I am reading a book. Actually, I finished it. [Mike read it to her.] The book is called The Hobbit. The hobbit’s name was Baggins. Baggins lived in a hole. Once some dwarves came to Baggins’…

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Day 20: Sara Joy

Recently, as in yesterday, I started learning Hebrew. Dad is teaching me. It is extremely difficult because all the letters look very similar. The little details are hard to see, but they make big differences. I looked at dads Hebrew…

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