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Who We Are

You may already know that Mike’s passion is to understand Scripture—and help others understand it. He is currently teaching at a theological Seminary in Baltimore City. Before that, God allowed him to pastor a church for seven years. Although once-upon-a-time he wanted to be a professional mountain bike racer, these days he’d rather be reading Bavinck.

Becky married Mike in 2003, the start of an adventure that has taken her to four continents so far. These days she spends most of her time homeschooling their five kids. She loves when her kids use their imagination. She loves sharing her dining room table with guests. She also loves chocolate and a good book.

Where We Are Going

In November of 2018 Mike and Becky had the opportunity to visit the Central Africa Baptist College in Kitwe, Zambia. Before they got on the plane they had little idea of what to expect. They knew that educating Christian leaders was a passion of Mike’s, and had heard from a friend that this school was doing a good job training pastors in Africa. They spent a week as a guest at CABC’s annual leadership conference and came back excited about the people they had met and the work God is doing at this school in Zambia.

What is God Doing in Africa?

There are vibrant, healthy, reproducing churches in Africa.  The believers in these churches are growing in maturity as they contend against poverty, AIDS, Islam, and the African traditional religions.  They are doing good theological work, spreading the gospel, and planting new churches in urban neighborhoods and in rural villages where there is no Gospel witness.  God is calling his church in Africa.

Why Do We Want to Move to Zambia?

God is calling his church in Africa; yet, while we in America have a plethora of options for theological education, there are few local educational options for African pastors. Bible-believing schools that offer the standard training for pastors are few in number. The average pastor in Africa has received no theological training. The Gospel Coalition calls this situation a “Theological Famine.”

The need for theological education in Africa is only going to increase. The continent’s population is expected to double over the next generation, from 1.3 to 2.6 billion. Meanwhile, there are 986 people groups not yet reached with the gospel. There was never a time in which African Christians were in greater need of equipping to spread and defend the truth than now. Ken Mbugua, an African Pastor in Kenya, sums it up: “We are convinced that the only way to strengthen and establish the church in Africa is by equipping them with the Scriptures. The church needs to be trained up in the words of life.”

Central Africa Baptist College in Kitwe, Zambia, exists to train up servant-leaders in Africa. The school was founded in 2006 to equip students to understand Scripture and to evangelize and disciple others.  CABC has graduated 105 students, almost all of whom are serving as pastors, church planters, missionaries, teachers, chaplains, and more. The school currently houses 104 residential students from countries throughout Africa, and it impacts another 1,100 students through its block classes taught throughout Zambia, South Sudan, Uganda, Botswana and many others.  A majority of the faculty are African, the rest are Americans. Over all, the combination of theological depth and pastoral care at CABC is remarkable.

What would Mike be doing?

God has blessed and used CABC. But there is still more that it can do. The leadership of the school wants to develop a seminary program that offers the equivalent of a masters of divinity. While the school’s current undergrad program is thorough and includes biblical Greek, many pastors desire to go deeper, especially has they defend the Gospel against Islam and prosperity preaching. Some African pastors want more training so that they can spearhead local training centers in their own cities.  One of Mike’s roles at CABC would be to help develop the seminary program.

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